Xander Pollock
Product Design Consultant

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Run a Two, Three or Five Day Design Sprint with a Trusted  Facilitator and Coach


Accelerate product development exponentially while decreasing risk

Traditional product development process take months or years to go from from concept to testable prototype. If the prototype proves unsuccessful, hundreds of thousands of dollars in time and effort are wasted. To stay competitive, companies today must launch successful, innovative products quickly without wasting resources. With a Design Sprint, you can test a prototype in just five days, accelerating product development exponentially while decreasing risk. 

I help companies and organizations solve their most important business challenges using design thinking. With skilled facilitation, my personal product design expertise from Google, and a battle-tested process, we can collaboratively design a solution that meets both your and your customers objectives. 

I worked at Google and practiced this process on the Gmail team.
I’ve also participated in or run design workshops with teams at these organizations. 

Whenever a CEO needs outside help with a sprint, I tell them to talk to Xander. I trust his work. His skillset is unique—not only is a fantastic designer and facilitator, but he also has experience as a startup founder, so he knows how to get at what really matters for a business.
— Jake Knapp, Author of Sprint and Designer Partner at Google Ventures
Xander is an extremely talented product designer and a real joy to work with. He helped us through our first sprint which in hindsight was an absolute no brainer. It’s far better to see if your ideas succeed or fail in 5 days than waste 3+ months and hundreds of thousands of dollars heading off down the wrong track like too many companies do
— Rohan Thompson, Head of Digital Strategy at Kinghorn Center for Clinical Genomics, The Garvan Institute for Medical Research
We hired Xander to facilitate our Design Sprint to design a new strategic offering of satellite-derived intelligence to multi-billion dollar asset managers. By the end of the sprint we had a full presentation deck and proposal outlining our offering. We were then able to take this to New York and Chicago and get concrete immediate feedback (most of which was very positive).
— James Crawford, CEO of Orbital Insight
Xander has a great way of managing the crowd gently and expertly navigating us through the design sprint process. It exceeded my expectations. What would otherwise have taken months to complete was calmly accelerated into one incredibly productive and successful week.
— Corey Zankowski, SVP Chief Technology Innovation Officer of Varian Medical Systems

I've been practicing Google Ventures style Design Sprints for over five years under the mentorship of the author, Jake Knapp. I even participated in the first ever Design Sprint with the CustomMade and the Google Ventures team in 2012. I've run sprints with companies and teams in a variety of industries including life science, finance, and consumer software. If you're excited about getting your organization to follow the principles in the book Sprint, then I can help you and your organization.   

Previously, I was a designer at Google for four years where I worked on the Gmail and Google Maps teams. Before that, I started a company that was acquired by Google. We designed software for small business owners and their customers. We were part of the first batch of 500 Startups.   

I currently offer Product Design consulting and am the founder of Product Design Pro, an online hands-on course to learn the fundamentals of using user experience and user interface design to solve business challenges.

Im also an active angel investor including in 500 Startups and the Designer Fund, and volunteer my time to mentor and coach designers and entrepreneurs. 

You can read more about my professional background on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter. 

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